Frequently Asked Questions


What Age Can My Child Start Piano?

We recommend 6.5 years for starting piano lessons. It varies a little from child to child of course, but this is a good guideline. For children 4.5 to 7 we have a wonderful pre-instrument program called "Kindermusik Musicians" which gives them a solid grounding in musical terminology and introduces them to three families of instruments, providing them a glockenspiel, a dulcimer and a recorder over the course of the 2 year program. Our experience with Kindermusik Musicians Graduates in our group and private lessons has demonstrated to us just how valuable it is - they get an enormous boost in progress when they start instrument study.

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We will generally follow Wake County School inclement weather closure policy. If Wake County Schools are closed, we are closed for the morning classes, but we will try to run afternoon and evening classes. If Wake County Schools are delayed, we will operate a normal schedule. Please check the website or call the studio and listen to the message. 

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Can I make Up Classes & Lessons?

Yes. Instrument students must provide at least 24 hours notice in order to qualify for a makeup lesson and are eligible for up to 3 makeup lessons per school year session. Our Kindermusik classes offer several flexible makeup options. Should you miss a class or a lesson, you may call the office to schedule a make up (space permitting). 

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