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Musical Fun for Life


Fun Music Classes for Adults

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We believe that musical education should not be restricted to the young. Music for Fun and Life is a recreational music making program for adults and seniors which centers on the piano.
This class is for anyone - with or without previous experience!

The chance to learn to play the piano in a non-stressful environment where laughter and having fun are the top priorities is just one of the many benefits. Learning a new instrument, thinking in a new way is beneficial to your memory. The joy of coming together, with friends, and realizing a lifelong dream can be a pleasure and a new discovery.

Believe it or not, there is also a tremendous amount of scientific research that shows the physical and mental health benefits to be gained by sitting at a piano!
Come give it a try in our beautifully equipped studio!

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Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Wed at 7:00 PM starts 8/21/19 Adult Group Piano Adults Miss Marcia Cary Studio $95.00/m Contact Us
These classes come with the Musical Moments lesson book, including a CD, with songs you can play at home if you wish.